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In the late 2004, starting from a 3d scan and using it only as a reference (no rotoscoping),
with Zbrush I made a copy of this beautiful piece of art.
This was done as a personal exercise to learn the whole software and it took many nights during my spare time to finish it, but I still think it was time well spent.
To achieve the final image I used VRay for the rendering in 3DS Max and Photoshop to compose all the passes. The shot of the room was taken in the “Accademy of Fine Arts of Ravenna”, where I was a 3d studio max teacher at the time.

As a 3d generalist, working in Just Funny Games  I made environments, rigs, animations and a bunch of characters, for mobile video games and apps. This allowed me to achieve great confidence exporting objects from Maya and 3d Studio Max to Unity. Usually I’m also in charge of the complete setup of the scene, lights, materials and lightmapping.


Many years ago, when I was a freelancer, I made the whole graphics for 4 video slot for differents italian clients.

I did all from scratch, from the concept art to the final result, including the whole realization of all the symbols, characters, environments and UI elements.


2D/3D Sketchesfast sketches

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